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    rsqswmr Guest

    Smile Hello everyone

    Hello everyone,
    How is everybody doing today. I would like to introduce my self. I have been an Aviation resque swimmer for about 6yrs and I just got involved in the fire service about 9 months ago. I jooined a volenteer station near Pensacola,FL. I am an EMT, and am currently going to school for Paramedic. I have roughly 2yrs left in the Navy then I am hoping to begin a carrer in the fire service. I hope that all the veterans out there will pass on there information and maybe take some away also. I am happy to be a member of the fire/rescue service.

    So others may live.

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    BayRidge60 Guest


    Welcome to the forums...from cold Queensbury, New York.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Welcome. Greetings from North Pole, Alaska. I'm a retired Air Force firefighter - spent 5 years in your neck of the woods in the F.D. over at Eglin Air Force Base-which vollie dept are you with?

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    pvfr fyrfyter Guest

    Thumbs up

    Welcome from southeast Nebraska. I have a cousin living in Milton, Fla. Enjoy the forums.

    The few, the proud, the insane- Volunteer Firefighters

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    Detroit Fire Guest


    greetings from Detroit

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    rsqswmr Guest


    I am a member of the Innerarity Point Volenteer Fire Department, it the most southwestern district on the west side of Florida.

    So others may live.

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    snowball Guest


    Hello from Fresno

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