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    Angry Trouble logging on????

    Is anyone else having trouble getting into the forums? When I tried using my old username(Capt.GPR), they said it didn't exist. So, I re-registered with a new name (transfered to a new dept. and am no longer a Capt.) and am starting over as a junior member again. Has anything similar happened to anyone else. Oh yeah, my name's Glenn Ralston. I'm a Firefighter/EMT-D with the Bay Ridge Vol. Fire Co. in Queensbury, New York. Hello to everyone...Again!!!!!

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue
    Queensbury, New York
    The views represented here are mine and mine alone.

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    Big T
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    Yes I did !!!!!! About a month a go or so I couldn't log on. Tried a couple of different nights and no dice.. So I sent Firehouse an E-mail about the problem and they fixed it. Lost all my posts and had to start over but I don't care much about that any way..

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