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    Hey folks, I have a new site that I am making about my cities dept. I was wondering if you could check it out and tell me what you think. A couple of the pages aren't done, or even started and I have no photos yet, but much of the text is done. Just check it out if you can, tell me what youy think, and what I am missing or need. Thanks, joe

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    I liked it - but, then, I thought your old site looked real good, too!

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    Thanks, but that other site belonged to friend...this one was my first crack at it (his is much better). I definetly need to add pictures, which I am going to take over Christmas vacation, which is only two weeks away...THANK GOD! But, don't worry, it wont be this bad forever.

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    Just let me know when I need to check back!!

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    can do, just gimme a couple weeks to iron things out. I have been changing things almost every hour it seems.

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