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    Lightbulb Arkansas Firefighter seeking help on worthy Legislative issue

    Hello, I am a 13 year veteran firefighter from a small town in Northeast Arkansas, Wynne, (pronounced Win). I have been active in the Arkansas State Firefighters Association for nearly all of my career. I am the secretary treasure for my district. The Association has a bill sponsored this session for a Line of Duty Death License Plate for the Spouse. Our Police Officers in the State have one. I need to know if any other states out there have something similar to this, I have been asked to design the first go around. Thanks Fred D. Heath, Captain Wynne Fire Department.

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    Not that I am aware of in Alabama. But it is an interesting idea. Sure would like to see your design when it is complete.

    Stay low, stay safe.


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    Lt. Wayne Burdett
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    Let me know if ther is anyway i can help You on this I am also a member of the Association and am Pres. of the South Central District, our next meeting is on the 23rd at Juntion City and will mention it at the meeting if yuo have any more info on this e-mail me if you can.

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    let me know if i can help you in any way on this.
    Captain Tyler Sitzer
    Weiner Vol Fire & Rescue,
    Weiner AR,

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    OK, Wayne, get with Charles Lawrence, I know he is working on LOPFI but he could have some good ideas also. In the interium sketch out what you would think is a viable look for the plate, say some kind of fire background and the lettering to match. I will get back in touch with you later.
    Tyler, do the same in a design. Draw it out and color it how you would like to see it. Include the logo, Firefighter Line of Duty Death across the bottom in smaller case.
    Thanks for the help, I,ll get in touch with you in a week or so.

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