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    Smile Hi New Here- From Nebraska

    I live in a small but growing city, we have a paid full-time department w/ about 30 reserve firefighters, which I am. I am currently studying to be a Paramedic (will grad. in about july 01)so I plan on going career fire/ems. I hope my cool sig works

    My other car is a Fire Engine

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    Welcome to the site, DRagonSlayerXL
    just call me lady, I am from Fayetteville NC,a volunteer firefighter with stations 2 & 8.

    PS. love the pic of truck!

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    It's nice to see another firefighter in the great frozen state of Nebraska. I also belong to a department of similar size, structure, and population as Norfolk. I'm also in Paramedic class and scheduled to complete the program in July 2001. I have a coworker whose husband is a reserve in Norfolk and used to go there frequently for work.

    **The preceding comments in no way represent the views of my department, its members, or associations that it may belong to.**

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    welcome to the forums. another frozen chosen from the mid west

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    Welcome Neighbor, not too far from Norfolk myself...stay awhile and meet some new interesting people....Stay Safe

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    Glad to have you here, we get a freeze here
    in CA but nuthin' compared to you. I've been through your state in the summer time, those summer rains are great. snowball out!!

    ??? Did I say that ???

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    pvfr fyrfyter
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    Thumbs up

    Welcome from another Husker. Palmyra, 15 mi. southeast of Lincoln. have a safe and happy holiday season.

    The few, the proud, the insane- Volunteer Firefighters

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    Welcome from a former York firefighter, about 45 miles West of Lincoln. Originally from Washington, in Minnesota now, via Wisconsin, but still bleed Husker red!

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    Hello from Omaha, I just finished paramedic school, also, and now have my dream job in Minnesota. Also, this is my first post so I will see how it works. Enjoy the weather. Brrrrrr

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    Hello from California this time from So Cal since I will assume Snowball is up in No Cal, Down in So Cal we have no idea what the word freeze means!, We sit here in the middle of December sitting on the beach enjoying the weather well hye have your self a great holiday

    Cool lookin fire truck you got there

    [This message has been edited by Engine 101 (edited 12-22-2000).]

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    Thumbs up

    Welcome to the Forums...You'll find some great stuff, especially in the Fireground Tactics area....

    I too, am a husker...I'm a FF/P in Lincoln. Good luck with your Paramedic stuff...

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    Hey DragonSlayer--
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, I'm writing from arctic Cleveland, Oh. I am also in medic school which ends in July. Not a day to soon!! I'll be so glad to be finished with it. I am currently on a dept, but without being a medic the oppurtunity to go to a better dept is pretty slim. I wish you the best of luck with class. Stay safe-

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