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    superzig311 Guest

    Question Ex-Military??

    I was many of us are ex or active military? And what branch, when and what did you do? I was in the Navy from 96-00, in San Diego stationed with VS-41 and VS-29 as a plane captain and AT(Aviation Electronics Tech.). I made a deployment on the USS Carl Vinson for operations Southern Watch and Desert Fox. Anyone care to share?

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    AZ3 Erik Prager Guest

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    Active Military Here
    US Navy
    USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
    I've been in for almost four years now, and work as administrative specialist (AZ), but spend most time with the Flying Squad, fireifighting. Most recently completed Exercise Foal Eagle with the Koreans.

    AZ2 Erik Prager

    USS Kitty Hawk(CV-63)
    Flying Squad
    "Freedom's Firefighters"

    ***These statements do not neccessarily reflect the views of my command, the US Navy, or the US Government. They are strictly my own.

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    mtnfireguy Guest


    Former US Army here. 81-85
    Fort Lewis, WA, Cakmakli, Turkey and Ft Bragg, NC

    Then did three years in the Air Natl Guard 86-89

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    FirescueBob Guest


    Fully Recovered Ex-Navy Type. '82-'90 served aboard 2 submarines, a submarine tender, and finished aboard the USS Aylwin FF-1081. Working for the Military now though - MCAS Cherry Point Fire Dept. It's a lot more fun looking in from the outside.

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    Erickson Guest


    U.S.Air Force 1957 thru 1963 I was in the Fire Dept. (Crash Fire Rescue) and stationed at Castle AFB (Calif) Zaragoza AB (Spain) and Loring AFB (Maine)

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    RJE Guest


    Vollie from '80 to '85 (jr from '80-'82), then moved away from home.

    USN '89-'95, the Mars (AFS-1) for 3 yrs, flying squad, inport Scene Leader, and Repair 5 (main engineering space) Scene Leader. 3 more years @USCINCPAC/CMSA. Can't tell you what I did there, or I'd have to kill you
    I was a Data Processing Tech (computer ops) when there wasn't a fire/drill going on.

    Since then, back to college, and now a full time computer programmer. Live in the city (paid dept.) and can't work any surrounding rural vol. depts, due to response times.

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    Les.H Guest


    Air Force Department Fire Service based at Farnborough in Hampshire, UK - 78 to 94.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    sponge Guest


    Active Duty Air Force
    1st Lt in Security Forces (aka cop)
    First Minot, now Elmendorf

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    FireDocCJC Guest


    Current Military

    United State Army

    Medical Specialist
    Camp Casey Korea
    Fort Campbell Ky

    Get out hopefully in July

    Keep your head below the smoke but in the game.

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    Mikell Guest


    E-6 Air Force ( Active Duty)
    Chief of a small volunteer department, jet mechanic by trade

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    Thoe1 Guest


    Active duty USAF Firedawd for LIFE !!

    been stationed @
    Rhein MAin Germany Dec 90 - Mar 95
    Wright Patterson Ohio Mar 95 - Present
    Spangdalem Presnt- future staring in AUG

    also done tours @
    PRince Sultan Saudi Arabia
    Eskan Village
    and United Arab Emrites (Al Dhafra Air BAse)

    Done Space Shuttle mission @

    Been active for 10 years and about to sign my life away for another 6

    for all you OLD TIMERS Check out my link on my signature for the DAWGS.. also there are 2 groups in Yahoo for USAF Firedawg and USAF Firefighter...another is there for Military Firefighters

    Stay Safe

    Your doing it right if your doing it
    FOR HIM !!!
    The Ultimate Firehouse

    T-hoe's Fire Protection Page

    USAF Firedawgs

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    superzig311 Guest


    Thanks to everyone who wrote back, keep it cool out there.

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    Davidjb Guest


    I was in the Navy stationed on an LHA from 85 to 89 and was a member of the shipboard firefighting team (imagine that). We had 1 fire in that 4 years, we also assisted the Iowa after the explosion that made the news.

    David Brooks,
    FFII, Driver/Op, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    Poin Guest


    Active Duty Air Force 1983-1995:

    4 years George AFB, CA - 562 TFTS as Resource Mgmt. Specialist

    4 years Hanscom AFB, MA - Air Force Computer Acquisition Center as Computer Systems Tech.

    4 Years MacDill AFB, FL - HQ US Central Command as Computer Systems Tech.

    Proud volunteer with the Washington Fire Co. #1 of Mechanicsburg, PA since 1981.

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    rsqswmr Guest

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    Active duty Navy

    I was stationed at HC-5 Guam, currently stationed at NAS Pensacola Station SAR. I do vollonteer firefighting going to school for career


    So others may live.

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    FireRebel Guest


    US Navy- '92-'96 aboard the USS Constellation, I was a Jet Mech (FA-18 Hornet) some of the greatest years of my life! Stay Safe

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    parisfireops Guest


    15+ yrs. 2 yrs Army guard(cannon cocker),
    3 yrs Active Duty USAF (Fire Protection),
    10+ yrs Air Guard CE Readiness (DP),
    Civilian Firefighter for the State Military Dept.

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    Adler Guest


    8 years National Guard...Cpl E-4 11B Infantry

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    Lauralee_HotSS Guest


    US Army

    I am currently on indefinite medical leave for a fractured pelvis and femur. So I am at home with the hubby

    Medical Specialist

    Ft. Leonard Wood
    Ft. Bliss

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    ttjjss Guest


    Hey there,
    i served in the US ARMY, 1985 to 1989,
    68J , aircraft armament and weapons systems tech. AH-1 Cobra & AH-64 Apache.
    had a blast, Ft Carson, Colorado, Ft Irwin, Cal, tdy to Ft Campbell, KY, Ft Bragg, NC, Schofield in Hawaii, Did 1 Team Spirit in Korea, and 2 Reforgers in Germany, and spent 3 months in Honduras.

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    nsfirechap Guest


    United States Air Force 1977-1997. Most of my time was spent in Fire Protection. Worked in FD's at Galena, Alaska, RAF Upper Heyford, England, Eglin AFB.Florida, King Salmon, Alaska, Eielson AFB,Alaska, and San Vito dei Normani, Italy. Also spent some time as a military plumber and early warning radar operator. Other assignments were Davis Monthan AFB, Arizona, Clear AFS, Alaska, and Thule, Greenland.

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