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    christy Guest

    Cool hello!

    Hi everyone! Just recently got registered on here and thought I'd say hello. Looking forward to chatting with everyone and exchanging ideas. Talk to ya'll soon!

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    Engine 101 Guest


    Hello and Welcome Christy. I see you are a No Cal person, I from So Cal. So where in No Cal are you from?. Well talk to you later

    Engine 101

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    firemandoc Guest


    Hello Christy from South Carolina. Welcome to the site.

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    BayRidge60 Guest


    Hello from the great state of New York. Welcome aboard.

    Glenn Ralston
    Bay Ridge Fire-Rescue
    Queensbury, New York

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    christy Guest


    Thanks for the warm welcome! To answer So Cal's question,I live up by Redding,California.

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    Aerial 131 Guest


    Have fun while you are here, it beats watching paint dry.

    I live up coast sort of from you all in CA. I live in the desert of Washington, only trees you see are ones we planted, no forest around here, well maybe (sagebrush 6 feet high).


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    Les.H Guest


    Hi Christy and welcome aboard. I am sure that you will meet a lot of new contacts on this site. Join in and have fun.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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    KnightsOfTheOldCode Guest


    A warm southern HOWDY to ya from Georgia, specifically Cobb Co Fire & Emerg. Svc. in beautiful suburbia Atlanta. Here, have my chair and sit for awhile.

    Valor, Virtue, Truth, Integrity and Tradition. These are the ways of the Knights of the Old Code!

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