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    Question I want to be a firefighter

    I am new to this, but i have some questions that i was wondering if you'll help me out. What i am asking is what things do i need to do to become a firefighter. Do i take college, or do i go to an academy? Any information that you could give would be great and really appreciated. Thank you very much.

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    Let me be one of the first to welcome you to the "Wonderful world of the Fire Service"! You can go about your education a number of differnt ways. If you have no affiliations with an FD currently, then I suggest you start with a College or University. Get your Fire Science degree or one of the likes. Paramedicne is a growing area. If you get a degree in Paramedicne then you can basically write your future. Get the degree and then go through an academy if you still have no job. The "On the job" experiance is an education is its self. That is just as valuble as the book education.

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    Well howdy and welcome Kline82, I must totally agree with the comments Mark440, That is they way to do it go to college, Today alot of FD's think very highly of those firefighters who have some type of college degree, Also how old are you?, Contact your local FD, Ask them if they have some type of explorer of juniors or cadet program, Look into that, You gain valuable expirience that way also, But definitley plan on going to college

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    get the education first.in the ever growing world of firefighting knowledge and exrerience are the key to becoming sucessful in this the most respected proffession in the world.my advice to you,find out where you would like to work the areas you like and send intrpductory letters to the people who do the hiring in that area,asking them to notify you of any job openings and how to go about getting a position with them.good luck let us know how tou make out. mike m

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    You are not the first to post asking about this subject. Logan was on the other day asking about this same subject. The big suggestion to him was the military. Great exp and points on the civil service exam. My suggestion is that you go Air Force. Take it from an Army guy. But there is also the Navy. They do more world travel. Air Force stays put more. But it is your choice. There are many things you can do but the military is a good choice. But don't jump into anything, don't let the recruiters push you into anything too fast.

    That is all that I have to say. E-mail me if you would like some more information.



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