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Thread: Greetings

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    Talking Greetings

    Hello everybody, I am new here i have been visiting the site for quite some time now and have finally decided to register. Anyway I am a firefighter with the city of Halifax, NS Canada. Also a university student. Anyway I guess I just wanted to wish you all a good day.

    Yves Bourgoin

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    Engine 101
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    Hello up there in NOVIA SCOTIA!, Welcome to firehouse.com, Well glad you decided to come and join us here, Alot to be talked about , Wow looks like word is starting to get out to canadians that's how may from cananda now 12?, Well welcome and talk to you later

    Engine 101

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    Hello from Yarmouth Cape Cod, MA
    Look forward to seeing your posts

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    Wishing you a good day too. Welcome to the world of firefighting. Good luck with your studies. Are your studies related to firefighting? Isn't it great that as firefighters from all over the world that we can communicate together in this forum.

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