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    Just curious to know what are some of the things that i can do to meet the physical demands of being a firefighter. What type of exercise do they make you do at the academy? I am in the Marines is it any worse than that? Thanks a lot for your time.

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    There's a book out called "The Firefighter's Workout" -- I don't know much about it thought the author is Michael Stefano.... Maybe someone else has seen it?

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    If you were a Marine, what are you worried about? STAY IN SHAPE!!! We are dying of heart attacks!! Look at the LODDs. I do not mean to offend any one with this comment but, there are a lot of firefighters who participate in heart attack related activities, smoking, over eating, lack of exercise, and probably most popular drinking. I am guilty of sometimes over eating at a good meal. I am also trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of work. The bottom line is you do not have to be “The Incredible Hulk” but you do need to be fit. We also need to promote fitness so we can reduce the number of LODDs related to Heart Attacks.



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