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    Post Any firefighter's from Souther California

    I was just wondering if any firemen out there could tell me where i need to go to get the application process started, get the things that i need for the written test.


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    Check out eatstress.com, a good site for FFs wanting to know what the hiring process is like, also check out your local bookstores they usually have some good books regarding the civil service test for FFs, you might call your local city human resource Dept. they might have some info regarding their towns hiring procedures, good luck...

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    Hey there, Well keep an ear out and try to find out and what departments are hirings, Look at there requirments to get hiref there, I know LA City is hiring and I think Long Beach still is, Long Beach requires you to be 18 years old, Have a Valid CA Drivers Licenses, High School Diploma and non criminal background, Well check around and see who is hiring, Also before you for your interview see if they would be willing to let you sit in on one or let you participate in a mock interview

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