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    Question Buying Used Pumper

    My dept is a very small rural fire dept. We are trying to buy a used pumper and was wondering if any one could recommend a good make or model you may have some experience with. We can only afford a model between '72 and '82 that would be in the 20,000 to 30,000 k price range. Or if you know of certain models that had bad reputations during that period. It's scary to spend that much money on a used pumper but that's the best we can do. Any information would be helpful as this is our first real class A pumper. Thanks.

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    what about the engine i'm selling. Comes with hose, and lots of other stuff. Put a bid in dude. just click the e-mail button right about or email me at mtbierman@intermedia.com i have some stuff i can send you about the truck.

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    Steve Hagy
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    You can usually find used apparatus being sold by other departments on these sites:

    Kentucky Fire Wire: http://www.kyfirewire.com/

    Ohio Fire Chiefs Assn Bulletin Board: http://www.ohiofirechiefs.com/wwwboard/index.html

    Indiana State Fire Marshals Office: http://www.state.in.us/sema/truck.html

    Good luck finding a rig.


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    Hi,My Dept. has a good used truck that we will be selling sometime around April when our new one comes in.It has been a good truck for us.If you are interested in it just take a peek at my website for photos and e-mail me with the link provided.I will then pass your intrest onto the Chief and let you speak to him about it.I will assure you it will be considerably less that what you have specified.

    The website is www.geocities.com/oakwood_vfd


    Mike Speiser

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    Thank you all for the information and good ideas. thats one of the things I like about firefighters there are always a brother of sister willing to help. Does anyone else have any good or bad opinions for pumps brands between '72 and '82. Thanks again.

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    You'd be surprised at what you can get for the amount of money you guys are planning to spend. Especially for that age group. Mack made some pretty tough trucks back then. I can tell you a little story from firsthand experience.

    Our department owned a 1972 Mack CF700 1000gpm pumper with a 1000 gallon tank. We originally purchased this truck brand new back in '72. Since the purchase of the Mack, we've purchased a Young, twin 1987 Pierce pumpers, a 1991 Pierce pumper and a 1994 Pierce pumper. Up until the '94 Pierce came, the Mack was first due for all calls from our north station, and after that was first out for some calls and third due for others. When we purchased our 1997 Pierce, we finally decided it was time to let her go. That truck was easily one of the best trucks we've ever owned, up to the time we replaced her. It seemed like she could outrun and outpump even our 1500 and 1750gpm Pierce pumpers (great trucks in their own right, also).

    Well, we sold her to a company in Pennsylvania for around $10,000. A few months later, they sent us a letter in which they told us that they put in a few hours of body work, replaced a few parts and now she's their first due pumper. They agree that she outpumps and outperforms many new trucks out there. And they've won all sorts of parade trophies with her to boot!!! I have to say that a lot of our members were sad to see her go.

    If you guys do your homework, you should end up with a great truck. Make sure any departments you deal with have kept full service records for the truck, including recent pump test certifications. If they can't produce these records, walk away. Any department should be willing to let you operate the vehicle in any way you see fit. The day the guys from PA came up to see our truck, we handed them all records from the original receipt to the last preventative maintenance service. We also let them drive it all over town, and then supplied them with another pumper and brought them to our training center where we let them run through any scenarios they wanted, including drafting and relay pumping. Drafting is an important test. Any truck can pump from a hydrant, but can it hold a prime and move static water? They wound up buying the truck on the spot.

    GOOD LUCK!!!


    LEGAL MUMBO-JUMBO: Any and all views I've expressed above and on this site are not representative of my department. They are my personal opinions and views. If my department knew the stuff I was spewing out here, they would disavow any knowledge of me anyway. LOL...Stay Safe

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    FIRE 1152,
    In regards to your search for 1972-1982 apparatus,I would look at any Mack or American LaFrance products. Those seemed to be the workhorses of many departments during that time period.

    The key thing to look for is a department that has excellant maintenance records on the vehicle. I know your budget may be tight but if at all possible keep in mind a few $'s for equipment and minor repairs the truck may need.

    Also if you have a cracker jack chief engineer or mechanic in your department,it might not hurt to take him/her along to inspect the vehicle prior to purchase or maybe a friend whom is a mechanic whom can give the vehicle a once over to save both departments any hassle in the future. Good luck in your search I hope it works out for you.


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