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    DeputyChief673 Guest


    I think that this will be successful, the money is greatly needed.It will help out the smaller departments throughout the country.....


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    LHS* Guest


    Not too importabnt the wildland guys got 29 times more than the fire bill this year, in addition to their normal bedgets, i guess regular fire forces are not too important.

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    SRVFD2 Guest


    My problem with it is that I don't think the "smaller depts." have access to the "grant writers" like the larger depts. do. I just know enough about grant writing to know that most of our rural depts. don't have easy access to the people who know how to really do it.

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    BBoucheyFD Guest


    Anyone know a good place to start learning the proper procedure to grant writing? What to do, what not to do and how to be successful?

    Thanks for any help.

    All opinions are my own and have nothing to do with any agencies i belong to.

    Check out my departments website - Schuyler Heights Fire Company

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    Erickson Guest


    Per the instructions given, the grant should be an easy process. EASY is a relative term. SRVFD2 I agree with you. But lets wait and see.

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    James E. Colby Guest


    Hi, I the Secretary for a small rural, really small and totally Volunteer Fire Company in south jersey. I am seeking the "FREE" services of a Grantswriter, since we do not have big city money, in fact we do not have enough money to do what we need to do as it is. I have read the sorry postings from around the NET and on other sites about the pending doomsday scenarios from FEMA with regards to the grant making process and the 'true' 'reality' chances of a small volunteer fire company being successful in obtaining a grant. We are only seeking $150,000. I've e-mailed FEMA with my concerns and get the standard electronic response that does not answer what I feel are my legitimate questions. No one is listening! I've asked the following: We're smaller than the requirement for small volunteer fire companies and felt that since we're under the lowest limit we should receive free assistence. I've also suggested that those rather large and well funded companies and departments forgo (prohibit) the first round so that the trully smaller volunteer fire companies have a shot. Still no response from FEMA. Isn't anyone listening to the small people, the really no funding dedicated firefighters across America? Come on, Firehouse help the small Volunteer Fire Companies - Yell at FEMA!

    James E. Colby,

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