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    Thumbs up Leading the way for other FD's to follow

    Just this past year Fire Chief Peter Bryan of the Monrovia Fire Department started a new program, A program to evaluate the service our Fire Department provides, What we did is send a questionere out to residents and business's in our area in which we have responded to, On a survey card we ask them five simple questions to evaluate us on, They are based on a scale of 1-5, Here is what we ask
    How quickly and efficently did we perform?
    We recieved a 4.71 out of a possible 5
    How well did we meet needs and expectations?
    4.69 out of a possible 5

    How well did we explain what is going on?
    4.43 out of a possible 5

    What is the level of service we provided?
    4.64 out of a possible 5

    We have also asked a retired Chief to study the departments future needs so we can continue to improve our service
    Out here we're always looking for was to improve, We want to be a model for other departments

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    Outstanding. Didn't I hear that Phoenix had a program similar to yours?
    It would be great to get feedback and be able to improve our customer relations, because we are providing a service. Congrats to your dept's progressive attitude.

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