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    mike021 Guest

    Thumbs up Web Site

    Check out the hompage of Norwood Fire Co.

    let us know what you think!

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    troll911 Guest

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    Good looking page. Make your profession proud.
    Peace, TROLL

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    GTUCK911KCDE Guest

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    Nice Homepage. It looks like things are tight inside the firehouse with the equipment that needs to be parked inside.

    Keep up the good work and stay low.


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    Skidz Guest



    Nice web site!! Do you every get the feeling people grimace when they see the color of you Fire Trucks. Here come the yellow fire trucks!! NO I really liked your site and I'm not busting your balls. I just wonder, "what ever happened to red fire trucks?"



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    mike021 Guest


    First off I would like to thank everyone for visiting and the compliments. And since everyone asks me about the red fire trucks, we are the butt of the joke, hey look Norwood's trucks haven't rippened yet. hehe We used to run red truck about 30 years ago it all changed to lime green and white. They did it for a safety issue and it has stuck. I think the lime trucks shine alot nicer next to the red one's on a nice sunny day in the summer at a parade. Yes it is a tight squeeze, the ladder truck clears our inside ceiling by about a quarter of a inch or less when parked in the back. when we bought it 8 years ago it, the station doors had to be made higher. But we are in the process of buying the old beer store next door and expand out, if we could get the ambulance's out of the way we would be doing alright. Sucks to have my gear next to the rig's door and it needs to be moved. Hard to make the first piece out sometimes.

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    Skidz Guest



    I know I have already gave you **** about your "Lime Green and White" fire trucks but, I just want you to know that I with you on the fire house being cramped. My first volunteer fire department fit an engine, tanker, and a special service extrication unit in a single bay door firehouse. You would literally have to walk past the door to the tanker, open the door until it touched the wall only to suck your gut in to climb into the tanker. So, I am with you bro. Keep it real and enjoy your “Lime Green and White Fire Trucks” on a sunny day!



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    Steve Hagy Guest

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    Hi Mike,

    I don't care how crowded it may be, that's a great looking station! Enjoyed my visit to your site. A history of your department and photos of the good old days always make for a pleasant visit, why not add those items when you have the opportunity? Take care.


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    thunter16148 Guest

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    Nice looking site.I see your '94 squad was made here in my town by Braun Ind.

    Come visit our site at


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    fyahfytah_fan Guest


    What a super photo on the front page, Mike! As a web developer, I have all sorts of tweaky comments (I make tweaky comments for a living [grin]), and if you want them, feel free to email me ( ... but they're little uns ... It's really a great site!

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