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    Question Traditional or "Salad Bowl" Helmets?

    Ok hear is the scene size up...

    The first department I was with had traditional 1000 & 1010 "classic" style helmets...I loved them..

    My current department REQUIRES that the FF
    wear the "salad Bowl" Bullards.(so very ugly)

    With a new chief in our dept., he is loosening the reigns and said that if we can find info that leads towards traditional helmets we'll make the switch..

    I have heard things about the NFPA supporting goggles and flip downs instead of face shields, but where can I find this information..

    As always thanks
    & I'll see you at the BIG one

    "First In ~ Last Out"

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    Here is my two cents.

    NFPA requires either the full face shield, or the goggle system.(ie attached to helmet).

    Style of helmet comes down to personal or deptartment choice. They are both "rated" the same for impact protection. The 1010 does give better water shed, and it looks beeter too. Of course you could just convince your chief to buy leathers(good luck).

    Hope this helps.

    Dave LeBlanc

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    When I first joined the fire services and took fire fighter level one When we went over PPE our instructor told us that helmets were not the same. he showed us two helmets. A salad bowl and the 1010 he simulated a test of a 2x4 with a nail sticking out of it. The test was to simulate a falling 2x4 and striking a firefighter in the head from a distance of two feet.The nail penetrated the salad bowl and the liner and would have stuck in your head at least three quarters of an inch. On the 1010 (Carns)the nail penetrated the shell but not the liner thus saving you from a big headache and a big doctor bill(fire dept. insurance I hope). Thats why I purchased a 1010 from Carns Bros. Not only does it look better than the salad bowl it meets a higher NFPA standard for structural fire fighting.

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    Traditional all the way, although both are NFPA approved the 1010 looks better. If you were the full face shield you must wear safety glass to completely protect your eyes. The Borque shields offer no protection and are not approved by NFPA. Goggles offer the most protection even though they can be a little difficult to handle at times.

    You know what they say about the fire service, "150 years of tradition unimpeded by progress".


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