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    Excuse me while I vent here. I have just finished reading some of the firehouse headlines this morning and it aggrevates me to read where 3 poor excuses for firefighters from PA have been arrested for a number of arsons in their area. People like this bring a bad reputation to the fire service. I don't want to start a debate about paid vs volunteer service,we have all seen those nasty wars in chat rooms and message boards before. I am have been a volunteer firefighter for 23 years now and I have pride in what I do as my community and many communities in the U.S.A. find a need for the volunteer fire service today just as they did over 200 years ago.

    Why do these knuckle heads do this? Don't they know that they not only bring shame to their departments but to the word fire fighter? How come no one saw this coming? A friend,a chief officer maybe a fellow fire fighter. Maybe if someone could of interveined this could of been prevented.

    I don't buy the famous lines of a few whom say "Volunteer Firefighters set fires because they are bored or they need excitement"

    To set the record straight, I HATE BEING STEROTYPED!!!!!!! I am a volunteer firefighter whom has 2 jobs working 60 plus hours a week. I am active with a department that runs 1000 fire and e.m.s. calls a year, and I am married.

    And with the district expanding in growth as I am sure everyones district is,and this increases the number of calls we respond to,I do not have time to be bored and I despise being placed in a catagory with these arsonists.

    I guess I am tired of seeing the negativety produced about the fire service by our friends in the media. Where are these people when we save someones life from a burning inferno? Where are they when we conduct a food drive for the needy,or throw a benefit for one of our brothers or sisters whose family needs assistance,while they lay in the hospital recovering from injuries they performed doing what they enjoyed in life,being a firefighter. Usually those events are in a little article on page 5-20 where no one can ever find them.

    I'm sorry to vent my frustrations like this but too many people sacarfice alot for a few to destroy an image that seems to be getting tarnished more every day. I will continue to serve my community with the same pride I have since the day I joined the fire service and I can only hope and pray that one day the media will stop using our few unfortunate incidents as a way to sell their papers or acheive higher ratings for the televison stations.

    Be safe out there everyone and lets continue the tradition the way it was meant to be,with pride honor and dedication.


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    Nobody who really cares about the fire service ever likes to see stories like the one in PA. But it does happen.

    Here's one from my old dept., but even before my time:

    Probie was a real "hoople". Couldn't wait to get his blue light (not allowed for probies by dept. policy). Always first at the station, if not there already (he hung around a there a lot). Several brush fires were "suspicious", then a vacant house that was ruled definitely arson.

    Well, the suspicions and rumors went around for a while, and eventually he was confronted and confessed. Needless to say, he was immediately dismissed. But he got his revenge (in his terms).

    While out on bail awaiting trial for malicious arson, he
    1) broke into a vacant house
    2) cut the floor joists immediately in the front door.
    3) started a fire in the basement under the cut joists
    4) after 3 hours, he personnally called 911.

    Needless to say, the fire had burned through the floor (almost). First FFs on scene forced entry and started to crawl in to find the fire (not knowing it started in the basement) and almost went through the floor.

    Thank God they realized what was happening and backed out. No one was hurt, but the perp got 5 years for this fire alone.

    Still, not the kind of publicity you want.

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    And to make it worse, a brother firefighter was injured!

    No words I might type here could convey the amount of anger I feel when I hear about walking, talking CRAP like these scumbags, so I will signoff now...

    Hillcrest FD

    LEGAL INFO: Any and all views I've expressed above and on this site are not representative of my department. They are my personal opinions and views.

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    I agree this are the people who give firefighters bad reputations and give out family a blackeye, It often makes me wonder what on earth goes through there heads and what makes them want to start fires in the first place

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    It's definitely a real bummer!! But don't concentrate on the volunteer bit - did you ever see "Hunt for a Serial Arsonist" - that guy was a fire investigator, and had moved up through the ranks to get that position. You would have thought he would have gotten enough "thrills" from his investigations. My vollies are well aware of my feelings on this - if they want to "break me" this kind of stunt is all they would have to pull!!

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    SRVFD2, His name was John Orr he worked for Glendale they are a couple of towns away from of us

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    Part of the problem with these three could be their age and lack of maturity level. Discipline from the Chief on down can sometimes hold their "enthusiasm in check" until they age and mature. It still falls back on learning, knowing and doing right instead of wrong, which needs to be taught very early in life. I could go on and on in regards to this subject, but I will spare the "preaching to the choir" sermon. Each of us know how this kind of story makes us feel.

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    im a explorer an i know the rights an wrongs to do but those 3 r just stupid they give firefighters a bad name an west webster never gets any new that ive heard of

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    In New York, a bill was recently signed into law that -- if you are convicted of arson you can't join a fire department -- what's ironic is that most arsonists around here don't become arsonists until after they've joined a department.........

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    hello, let alone fire bugs worked right up to the sydney oympics then didnt light bush fires then they started again after the games had finished. it comes down to boredom and nothing to do. i have sendt you a email ??????

    stay safe

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    A very timely topic. Just some observations. There was a recent article in one of the well known trade journals that discussed how to make sure that a fire department gets firefighters instead of firelighters. Well worth the effort to find and read.

    Understand that management and administration of the department includes proper checks and investigation of it's applicants. If we don't do it then we deserve who we get.

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    I agree with everything said here. It's an uphill struggle trying to keep a positive image with regards to Vol FF's. These guys have given any potencial young FF's a bad image to overcome. Most local communities understand the level of skill, devotion and commitment that their Vol's provide. To ALL VOL FF"S "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK". You provide a great service!!!!!


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