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    Question Good start for new officer (new user)

    I've been recently elected as training officer for the 2001 year for my volunteer organization. for which I've been a member for five years. I need to take a program that is in ruin and make it something that our members will have faith in. In the five years that I've been with this department, our training has been very lax and sporatic.I'm looking for suggestions that I may be able to impliment over my tenure as traning officer, and rebuild and restructure our traning program. And restore faith and morale of our members in our, in house training

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    I have emailed you an offer.



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    Hey Skids, I'm also in a similiar position, I just took over as equipment LT but the training LT is new too and we are working together to straighten out our areas, any help is appreciated.

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    I'm not an officer of anykind. But if I can give you an opinion of a regular nobody.....

    I've always wanted to see training posted as much as possible....in advance if possible. I work, and have a house and a wife, and we respond to 650 calls a year...so the bottom line is that I cannot make it to every drill. I've always felt that if the training was posted, I'd make it to those that I felt we're most important, or where I needed the most help. Iknow you run the risk of people not attending the boring drills, but if you give them the courtesy of sharing the schedule, I think they'll give you the courtesy of their best efforts.

    I've added our training schedule to our website so all members are aware of all drills. (This years schedule is incomplete) So far its been a big hit.


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    Have you asked for your ff's input?? If they help make the choices, they will be more likely to attend the training. Make out a form, question them one-on-one, or whatever it takes to see what THEY think they, personally NEED in training, and then what they'd personally like to see done in training. Do you have the equipment to conduct a more interesting training program -such as a TV/Vcr?? You'll have my good wishes with you!!

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    Thumbs up

    Training is always an issue and sometimes goes hand in hand with one's morale problem.

    I would encourage you to speak with your fellow firefighters,current officers and past officers to see what has been tried in the past,the successes and failures.

    Second try speaking with other area companies that you may run dual response with. Maybe both companies can have special training on eac others equipment for instance if they have a Ladder truck that runs into your district maybe some of your people could become qualified to perform truck company operations if there is a shortage of personnel. maybe your have specialized equipment that someone else can train on.

    Third check out the website for firehouse and look at their downloads for training. Maybe you can use some of their ideas and make the modifications for your departments needs.


    GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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    How we have helped to solve our training issues are we have 2 training officers. We also train at other departments if needed. Our local Vocational School has fire courses and for our area we also have OSU Fire Services.

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    the first thing i would do is start small run a few 16 hour class may be start with 1 weekend a mouth bring it up to the body at your next meeting see what classes they would want get them involed at first list to what they say/ or whant run that class or classes then start looking at what classes your department needs to have.

    best of luck
    James J Masgula
    Asst. Chief/Training officer

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    Thanks to those of you who had a reply to my question in regards to training.I'am currently working on a tenative traning schedule for for the up-comming month although it still hes flaws and a few instructors are needed I belive that it should work out to please everyone. thanks agin.

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    Good to see that your interested. I've seen a few generalities here but no specefics. Start with... ASSESS YOUR NEEDS! Everyone should have some of the following (at least in our dept) to ride the trucks. Basic First Aid, CPR, Hazmat R&I. Do you run an engine? Basic hose line work. Do you ever use a ladder? Basic ladder work. Rescue? Basic rescue work. Ropes? Water supply? SCBA? etc. If the depts. training has been in shambles go back to the basics and build up from there. ES MUY IMPORTANTE... Make sure that you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! (The lawyers will EAT YOU ALIVE if someone gets hurt or if you have a fatality.) You DO have a big job ahaed of you... get help. Do you have access to a county fire acadamy or instructors? If so USE THEM! Same with STATE! It may sound hard! It will be! Is it insurmountable? NO! Will it be a challenge? YOU BET! Rewards? NUMEROUS... knowing that you helped save the lives of your brothers and sisters by helping them train!

    I've given you a lot to chew on, but remember this. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

    Good luck!

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