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    Question CAFS v/s WATER for fire attack

    in 1999 our department purchased an American La France pumper with compressed air foam. We have had a few classes on it and it works better than water for interior structural attack and mop up applications. for those of you out there who have alot or a little experience with it what are your thoughts on it?

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    i have heard alot of good things about CAFS and i wish my department had it but it just isn't in the budget right now. At least water is still free.

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    A dept. in the county I live in just took delivery of an American LaFrance with CAFS, but they have not put it in service yet. I'm curious to find out how they like it. Our dept. took delivery of a new pumper in December, and a second one is on the way in June, but they did not spec the CAFS. Has your dept. had the chance to use it a lot? It sounds like it would be a big help. Unfortunately I won't have the oppurtunity to see it in action any time soon.

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