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    Post Help! I need all firehouse pranks you can think of!

    Hey everyone,
    I need all pranks that you can think of! I have a war going on and I am runing out of stuff to do. Help! Thanks!

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    Look under FF Forum for a run of posts ongoing now.

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    I have this war every 6 months or so. I know exactly how you feel. Some of my favorites are putting electrical tape around the sprayer on the kitchen sink (only works if the sprayer is black) tape it open so when someone turns on the sink WAMMO! Put flour in their sheets and after they are sleeping crank up the heat so when they get up their sweat made all the flour is stuck to them (don't forget to sleep without your blanket on). In our apparatus the seats are black and vinal so they hold about 2 cups of water and you can't see it untill you sit down (not smart to do to the officers seat). Another one is a water can fight (remove and hide all the other water cans in the station before you start). My favorite is when someone is on the can go in the stall next to them with a glass of water and spill it on the ground close to them as possible and they will think you're urrinating and missing the bowl (works everytime!). If you have one of those guys who mark their food in the frig so no one else eats it you must put dish soap in it or heavy salt on it or freeze it (teach them to share). Locker job is fun too - fill their locker with packing peanuts or something small and messy. For new guys we tell them at their year anniversary we need to take a file picture in front of the fire house - what realy happens is a guy is on the roof with a 5 gallon bucket of water and the photographer makes sure he is lined up perfect for the drop. We only have one rule - no permenant damage and don't mess with personal safety equipment. Don't forget to have fun and realalize that the better your prank the worse you're gonna get it. ENJOY!!!

    IAFF Local 2033, Love this job! Hate SCABS!

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