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    Cool Hey, guys just want to introduce myself as webmaster for Aerialscope

    Just want to get my feet wet by saying "Hi" to all and give a little background info. I am a little nervous about trying this, but here goes. I am the webmaster and an employee of Aerialscope. I thought that since you guys really seemed to like the first screen saver I would try the chat forum and see how it goes. I am opening myself wide open to your comments about the web site and Aerialscope in general, so please by gentle. I would like to know how you feel about the web site, the screen savers and of course the Aerialscope trucks. You may email me if you don't want to post. By the way there is a new screen saver at www.aerialscope.com Go to the action pages. Look forward to hearing from you, Mike.

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    So what are you nervous about? Intro page looks great....what program did you use for that? Screensavers look good to, but I can't use something so flashy at work.


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    Steve Hagy
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    Just spent a few minutes going through your site. Looks very good. One suggestion I would like to make though. On the photos for the new deliveries, could you make the pictures thumbnails so that you can click on them and see a larger version of the picture?

    One other item, many manufacturers leave the same photos on their site for months (years in some cases), keep updating the pictures so that folks will have something new to look at when they come back. If everything remains the same, you just won't have as many return visitors. Nice job so far....

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    Great site ... you got some suggestions for keeping readers coming back ... here's another one. Give aways. If you're willing to make it worth peoples' while to fill out "registrations" you can start to put together a good mail list (your marketing and sales folks will thank you for it!). Hats and shirts are GREAT incentives.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks, the suggestions are great.

    mt That intro is written java. And I am kinda nervous about exposing myself and Aerialscope to an open chat forum like this. There is a reason no other manufacturer will talk with people in an open forum. That is because you can get ask some sticky questions.

    Steve the photo's for new delivery are being updated and yes the thumbs will be linked to larger pictures. And we have been guilty of leaving these photo's up for months, but that is changing.

    fyahfytah_fan we are considering a giveaway for the best Ascope picture contest. 1st prize will be a shirt or a shirt/hat combo.

    Thanks guys for all the post.

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