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    Question primary search

    I've been having a debate on search and resuce techniques with an engine captain. He advocates that theTruck company primary should be done using an 1 and 3/4 hand line in all situations. I advocate quick s&r can be done with a 50-75' length of rope much faster with less exertion, and beyond the typical 150' of pre-connected hose. I need opinions as well as sop's that support either position. Thanks and take care.

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    I run with a volunteer company, when I took a basic firefighter class, a hand out we recived it states that a hose/search team will consist of no less than two persons.Upon entry into a structure their primary tasks will be to do a rapid and systematic search (fire conditions premitting ) if any or all occupants are presumed trapped.They will have a hose line of no less than 1 1/2" diamater but not to exceed no larger than 2 1/2" diamater. The reasons behind the use for a hose line to me are straight up. It might save your life if your sent into a structure and the presumed occupant(s) are outside. If this should happen (which it already has to us ) the fire almost got away from the interior crew,who was doing a primary search only to have the guy turn up at a neighbors house.If they did not have a hose line with them they would have been toast. To me it's better to knock the fire down and get out unscathed if there are no entrapped occupants. Whom you may be sent into to rescue. Good luck with your debate and stay safe out there. Don't turn your back on the "beast" or it'll bite you,where it counts.

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    Ok, first things first, if you are running truck companies they should not have anything to do with hose. Why? That is what engine companies are for. Hose Jockies!!

    As far as the primary search goes, I was taught that it is a quick systematic search by the engine company on their way to the seat of the fire. Truck companies are there to do the truck work and more extensive searches.

    Every company has there own way to do searches. Find the one that best fits your company and with what you respond with and train hard on that everyday.



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    Obviously you don't "DO" truck work. Truckies don't do hose. They open up and search.....


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