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    Talking Back in the FF Ranks

    Hello Fellow FireFighters and Fireman. Just wanted to say Hi and I'm back as a FF. I was a paid FF for 11 years in a med size town. But after 11 years of politics and a job offer that triple my salary I left. I always felt bad about leaving a great job, so after 10 more years I have now joined my area's township Volunteer Fire Dept. Alot of things have changed and most for the good of the FF. So I'm old school learning new school and waiting on my first next fire Also love all the nice new toys I got to play with.


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    I already like you just because of where your from...GO IRISH!. Ok enough about football. Welcome back, your right alot of things have changed but it wont take you long to get back into it, just stay away from the politics that you said you ran into before THAT seams to never change.

    these are my opinions take them for what they are

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    Thanks Woody. Yea Live about 4 miles from the campus and can see the Golden Dome from the end of my street. Been to 2 good burners there to. St.Edwards Hall (dormatory) and St. Michaels (the laundry). AAhhhh the good old days.


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    Glad to have you aboard. I am sure that the it did not take long for the main frame to adjust to some of the new input. Join in and have fun. Welcome back.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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