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    I am not the author of this story in its original format (The Nurse), it was one of those Fwd:Fwd:Fwd: e-mails. However, I did reformat it to fit our most gallant and noble occupation, and I must say it does sound better now.

    When the Lord was creating the Fire Fighter/Paramedic, an Angel appeared and said "Lord; you are in your sixth day of overtime. I believe you may be loading this model up with too many options as to the reason why it is taking you so long."

    And the Lord asked "have you seen the specs on this model? A FF/P has to be in top mental and physical condition 24/7; running on too-little sleep; hot, black coffee and fast, half-eaten meals. At a moments notice, they must rise from a dead sleep and know where they are going; only to be met with a smoke-filled inferno or a wall of flames in a conflagration and be ready to acquiesce to the supreme sacrifice for the protection of some strangers life and/or property.

    A FF/P must be able to help an injured person; breathe life into a dying person; give comfort to the parents that have lost their only child.... And still not muss their uniform. They have to be able to lift three times their own weight; work 16-24 hours straight through without missing a detail; and console a grieving mother as they are administering CPR on a baby they know will never breathe again. This is the reason why I had to give them six hands."

    "Six pairs of hands??? No way!!!" said the Angel, as she shook her head slowly in amazement at this spectacular speciman of tradition, integrity and pride, notwithstanding the sacrifices of family, money and time.

    "It is not the hands that are causing me problems," said the Lord. "It is the two pairs of eyes that a FF/P must have."

    "How come there are two pairs of eyes on a standard model?" Asked the Angel.

    The Lord nodded. "One pair that does quick glances in an overview and focuses in on the emergent problems while making notes of any physical or visual changes that will affect their patients survivability. And the other pair of eyes that can look confidently and reassuringly at a dying patient and say 'You will be alright, ma'am' when they know it is not so."

    "Lord," said the Angel while massaging His neck, "rest some, and come back tomorrow to finish this up."

    "I cannot," said the Lord. "I already have a model that can talk to a 250 pound grieving father whose child has been run over by a drunk driver.... Who, BTW, is lying uninjured in the next room; a model that also feeds their family of five on a FF/P's pay check."

    The Angel circled this amazing FF/P very slowly, awestruck by its simplicity. "Can it think?" She asks.

    "It can do better than think," said the Lord. "These models can multi-task! It can tell you the S/S of 100 different illnesses and injuries; recite drug calculations in its sleep; and make critical transport decisions in an instant after first patient contact. It can intubate, defibrillate, medicate, start IVs in a moving vehicle and continue CPR non-stop to the hospital.... And still keep it's sense of humor.

    "This FF/P also has phenomenal personal control coupled with ethics. They can deal with multi-systems trauma patients; coax a frightened elderly person to unlock their door; comfort a murder victims family; and console a child for their 'It is cut all the way to the bone' simple laceration.... Only to read in the paper the next day about how FF/Ps are greedy and insensitive to the city's needs of budget cuts and uncaring to the citizens of their community because they know their request for better pay will raise the tax base rate up, and that they are, according to city management, 'Only doing a job that other people are waiting on a list for.'"

    Finally the Angel bent over and touched the cheek of the FF/P, only to draw her wet finger back quickly. "There is a leak somewhere," she pronounced. "I told you that you were trying to put too many options into this FF/P."

    "That is not a leak," said the Lord. "It is a tear."

    "What is the tear for?" Asked the Angel.

    "It is for bottled up emotions," said the Lord. "It is for all of the patients that they have tried in vain to save. It is for their commitment to that hope that they will make a difference in a person's chance to survive, for life."

    "You truly are a genius," said the Angel.

    The Lord looked somber.
    "I did not put it there," He said.


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    Thank you for sharing a story that truly says it all!!

    Sincere regards,

    Karen Yoder
    The Heart Behind the Hero

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