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    Post Produce the drive!!

    I am in desperate need of producing the drive for department to do some serious training. While we train on a regular basis it is often the same thing. We do not often train with other deprtments and the younger more eager firefighters often find our training to be boring. I have been with numerous services and have been doing this for long enough to know that we do need a change.

    Let me present some of the issues.

    1) We are a small volunteer department that has a very small active base. Those of us whom are active are well trained and are willing to teach the others.

    2) Our training officer is new and not completely confident within his post. While he does a fine job. The short tenure in his post has not afforded him the time to build the confidence necessary.

    3) With our limited equipment (2 pumper/tankers and a light rescue) we are limited to what we can do on our own and remain in reasonable service.

    These are the issues. I trust that you will review them and we will continue to strive forward together to bring the departments forward one day at a time. Thanks!!!

    Fire - Its whats for dinner!

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    Maybe you could organise some sort of competition with other nearby departments. Auto extrication seems to be popular and old wrecks to use are seldom hard to find. A mini fire olympics could give people a chance to show off their own stregnths and may be able to be incorporated in some existing local festival rather than run from scratch. If you know of a building that is going to be demolished you could use that for live fire training. Note that plenty of firefighters have been injured at this and don't be complacent about the dangers just because firemen lit the fire. None of these will provide the training, but will hopefully inspire the guys to take an interest. Good luck
    Jim Maclean
    Auckland New Zealand

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    I concur with Jim, go with the competitions. You can tell the guys they have to train and that won't help much. But get their egos and pride involved and that really helps, especially if you tell the vets that the rooks can outgun them. Just them bragging can sometimes be reward enough.

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