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    Chris71033 Guest

    Post FIRE ACT

    What is everyone's opinion on if Junior Depts or Cadet Depts should be able to apply for gear an dother needs?

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    Diane Guest


    In my dept., the Junior-Expolorers wear "old" gear.......They can't ride apparatus or resond to calls, so why buy them new gear unless they make a commitment to join the dept. when they are eligible? Our probies aren't issued new gear, either. They do get a pager and blue light, however.

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    hanger44 Guest


    It's a bit weird reading about explorers and cadets. In the cold north we don't have the same programs. Up here we use green lights, blue lights are for snow plows and "blue light" is a beer.

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    WFD56 Guest


    My dept is fairly small and we are just implementing the Explorers Program. Money is a huge issue for our rural dept (we have 31 members). We are issuing Explorers our old gear, but we are REQUIRED to buy them blue hats. Our probies also get old gear until they have been certified for 6 months, but they get a black hat w/ a red stripe. We can't justify buying new gear for 6 Explorers when we have acitve fire personel that could use fresh turnout.

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