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    Cool Greetings from Colusa, Ca

    Hi, my name is Rhino, I am a firefighter from a small community in N. California. We are a mostly rural dept. with a paid chief and 45 highly trained but plum loco volunteers. We run 2 stations,9 various pieces of apparatus, BLS med service, an OES engine for strike teams, and around 275-325 runs per year. I really appreciate all the info and B.S. available on these boards and I guess I have finally gotten enough courage to participate. The mosquitoes are so big in Colusa that we are considering using them for water drops on wildland. Stay low when its hot and always be safe !

    Rhino is my name, rescue is my game

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    Hey there Rhino, Well I live down here in Southern California by way of Monrovia!, Ah the OES Rigs there are couple of departments down this way that them also, So you guys get hit by any blackouts? Well welcome tc\ss ttyl

    Tim Macias
    I will fight fire for Electricity

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    Howdy and Welcome to Firehouse.com Fourms how are things up north?

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    Greetings from a former Californian livin' with the Cajuns in the swamps. Grew up in Madera, near Fresno. Where is Calusa? My folks just moved to Lake Almanor,just curious if it is close. Welcome to the site and stay safe.

    Craig Walker

    "stay safe, stay low, BUT GET YOU SOME!!!!!!

    Craig Walker

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