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    billwilliam Guest

    Question FIRE MARSHAL'S

    I am beginning research on the justification for body armor for Assistant Fire Marshal's (non-gun carrying, issues summons, fire lane violation enforcement-tickets, enforce the a statewide fire prevention code ((all class 1 misdemeanors))

    Want to know what type of protection other localities are providing for their FM's?

    Data/research on Fire Marshal injuries/deaths?

    Online databases?? for this type of research ?

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    Richard Guest


    Non-peace officer fire marshals can expect to encounter hazardous situations during their work. Irate business owners, walking into a hold-up in progress, and my favorite (when conducting a motel inspection) walking into a working meth lab.

    A ballistic vest may buy you enough time to escape a dangerous situation after you have been fired on. They will not replace the "street sense" you should develop to avoid getting yourself in many of these situations.

    They also have saved many peace officers involved in collisions - and may fire marshal's spend a lot of driving time.

    I like some of the new ultra-light vests-they are very thin and may not "print" as easily through a uniform or business shirt.

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