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    Question 24 hr. pro's & con's

    Our union body is considering switching from the 2 days, 2 nights, 4 off schedule to the 24 hour on, 24 off, 24 on,5 day off schedule. I would appreciate any and all comments about this either pro or con. But I would request to know your staffing level and approximate overtime amounts if you can.
    Thanks in advance from PFD E-3.

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    I work for a dept. that currently uses the 24on/48off schedule, ie. 54hr. work week. I like the schedule because in the case of vacations I only have to take off 24 hrs. to have five days off. I like the schedule also, because you work one day and get two off. It works out to only working approx. 117 days a year. But in defense of other schedules besides working day shift which was 10hrs a day monday through friday, this is the only schedule I have ever worked. The department I work for has 26 Fire Stations, 47 paid suppression personnel( 30 on shift, 17 on day work), and approx. 300 volunteers. We currently have 12 suppression personnel vacancies. There are five municipal departments in the county also. I understand the demographics here may be different then where you work but the schedule can be good. I have found with the 24/48 you either love it or hate it. I would suggest a trial period before you stick with it. All the other departments in the area use the 24/48 or some variation of it. Overtime is not that excessive, if you don't look at the fact that we are down 12 people, 6 every day.

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    We work 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 24 off, 24 on, 96 off. This averages to 10 shifts per month. We love the schedule here, but I'm sure the call volumn would be a big factor. We average only 6 - 8 calls per shift. Every department in our county runs this same schedule - although one department has a "sleep allowance" where they don't get paid for 6 hours at night unless they run a certain number of calls during that time. That eleminates their overtime.

    Our department runs a 4 man 75' Quint, and an 4 man Engine company with a 50'Telesquirt and a 2 man ambulance each shift as front line units.

    Total staffing per shift = 10
    We run 38 full time combat staff, 5 full time administrative staff, and 30 part time - on call combat staff, out of 2 stations.

    There are 9 full time departments in the county.

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