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    Hey, I'm a student in Chicago looking for some information. I heard on the radio that the fire pole was invented in Chicago. Is this true? Does anyone have any information regarding this topic?

    Thanks anyway.

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    I don't know about the pole in the Windy City but, I do know that the CFD brought the Cherry Picker aka Snorkle to fire service. That is worth talking about!!

    Only my opinion! From a Midwesterner.



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    Hi AFL...I'm not at all sure about it being invented in Chicago. I know a great deal of them were made by a company out there. I seem to remember painting from a long way back of firefighters in England using them. You might want to check with the London Fire Brigade.

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    FYI on the firepole, The firepoles go back further than Chicago fire. The poles go back to when there were horse drawn pump carts and the likes in stations in the Northeast. (Don't know about Europe though)
    The line of thought on them were that between the horses, and apparatus there was no room for stairs. The original staffed fire stations were usually in a taxpayer type building with bunkrooms up top. With that type construction and the lack of room in the bays for stairs, Poles were a good idea at the time.

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