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    Lightbulb Lookin for a training aid.

    I am one of the Instructors in my department and in an effort to help my firefighters with thier Search and Rescue training I need help with Black Out Drills. We have tried to darken the room but then our instructors are limited in thier efforts to help.
    Any ideas?

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    I have a couple of ideas for you ..first of all try a piece of opaque plastic such as a trash bag taped to the mask, or have the trainees wear a nomex hood over the mash...Reversed. Hope this has been some help to you.


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    I am with the hoser. Try his ideas out. The only other one that I can suggeset is paper in the face piece. Like black construction paper cut out to fit the mask.



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    Also, if you have old masks that are too scratched up and can't be used, paint them black.

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    If your department has a thermal imager, you can completely darken the room and use the TIC to track your personnel during the drill.

    Spray painting the old facepieces works well, too. At the fire academy, we used to use blackout shields for SCBA drills, but constant use stretched out the elastic to the point that they would pop off too easily.

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