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    buddygamms Guest

    Post Do you think you are a hero?

    I came across something the other day that really bothered me, and I wanted to know what everyone thinks. A firefighter saved someone from a fire and the people came to visit us at the station. The lady that he saved said, "you are a hero" and he said, "I know I am, and always will be." The reason it made me so upset was because I don't believe that we are in the career to become heros. I know that in some eyes we might be but I believe saving someones life in a fire or in a medical situation is our job. I dont know maybe it's just me, but I really got upset by him saying that because to me it felt as if that is the only reason he is doing this job. What does everyone think?

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    james35 Guest

    Red face

    Boy, you hit the nail right on the head! I totally agree with you, we aren't in this business for "Heroship", Yes, I can see the victims response to thinking about a "Hero" but That's not what we joined for (At least not me anyway).

    Your right, and add me to the list.

    Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    Firelover Guest


    That is a little disturbing. Why would someone think of themselves that way. Especially in public. Why wouldn't you just think of it after the fact when your all alone or something. All I can think about is "Holy Ego".


    If you sent us to HELL, WE'D PUT IT OUT!!

    **And of course these are only my opinion and only mine. Don't take it out on anyone else but me.**

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    buddygamms Guest

    Red face

    Thanks guys I thought I was the only one that felt this way, but I am glad to find that there are others out there that do this job for the job not the heroism. I am a very young firefighter but I didnt think I would ever come across something like that, but I guess you never know what you come across in this job. Thanks guys!

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    pokeyfd12 Guest


    Buddy, I agree with the rest. We didn't get into this field of emergency services to be praised every day, be called heros or try to have the biggest ego in the station. At least, I didn't. In 1993 I madea save at a house fire and I never thought anything of it but the pride in myself knowing that my training was worth every second. To this day I still don't think I am a hero. I received many awards, pats on the back and a bunch of pretty little ribbons for my badge holder but I don't really display them. I really don't want everybody to know me for that save, because I was just doing what I was trained to do. I actually felt embarrassed to be given awards for something that I would do again tomorrow if the situation presented itself. Was I at the right place at the right time or the wrong place at the wrong time, who knows......

    I think showing your pride in a job well done is OK but some people go overboard and let it go to their heads. There isn't any competition to be better than the next guy on this job. The person I pulled out was my neighbor and the house that burned is only five houses away from mine. I constantly think about the fact that, yes he is alive but he and his family lost their house, all of their valued possessions, pictures, papers and I'm sure many items of sentimental value. How can we be basking in the glory of "attaboys" when somebody lost just about everything they have.

    It still doesn't sit well with me. I guess I over think these things. Just my point of view and a dollars worth at that.

    Peace and stay safe

    Lt. Kevin C. (aka Pokey)

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    Diane Guest


    Hero, no. Insane, yes.

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    Sparkie911 Guest


    A hero to me is (an average person) one who has been put in an inordinate circumstance, yet is able to function with great tenacity. Best example I can give for this would be the citizens of OKC after the bomb
    went off that dreadful morning. These were ordinary people thrown into a war zone with no training to aid their actions or reactions. The alarm sounded for those people that morning and for many of them it was their first one. Yet they responded to the unknown. Emergency service personnel are trained to respond that is our job. We have been given the job of Guardians for the citizens we serve. How could the two ever be misconstrued is utterly staggering.

    Buddy, I hope your wannabe hero is pulled out of the clouds before his need to be a hero finds him and or his co-worker(s) in the depths of hell.

    Sorry for the soap box.... This is just my opinion.

    If you write it... They will see it!

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    Davidjb Guest


    I see myself as a person doing a job that I like. If some day I rescue some one and am labeled a hero, well.. that seems to be the way it works. I am a Firefighter and proud of that fact, am I a hero? No I don't think so.
    Is the guy you were talking about a hero? Yes, at least he was until his attitude and ego got to be too much for him to handle.

    David Brooks,
    Lieutenant, NRFR
    Newmarket Fire & Rescue
    Newmarket, New Hampshire
    (All opinions are my own)

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    goldennugget42 Guest

    Red face

    You know, if someone gets into this profession to be a hero, does that person think firefighting is like "Thirdwatch"? If a person does something worth being called a hero, he/she'll be on the six o'clock news and maybe the paper the next morning. Maybe even an award at the end of the year. You get your fifteen seconds of fame. Now what have you got? A memory of something you did maybe ONCE in your whole career? Not me. To me this job is the mundane, ordinary things that you do every day. Sharing jokes when you report for the day, breaking bread with Bothers and Sisters, making kids' days when you go to the schools to give talks, etc. Those are the things that make me happy that I am a firefighter. Going to calls, no matter what the call, and having them work to perfection. Even if a lifesaving rescue wasn't made. That is what makes proud to be firefighter. If a person wants to be a hero, let them be an overpaid actor who pretends to save the world in a big-budget movie. (Sorry for rambling but I had to get that off my chest.)

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    firefly1361 Guest


    That guy needs to check himself. Ive been called evreything from a hero and angel to a **** ****. I know I didnt get into this job to be a hero. I agree with the others. Saving someones life in a fire/ems situation comes with the job. So hopefully he will stop tooting his own horn and see that it comes with the job... A person like that you really need to watch on the fire ground.

    Heather Helm


    "If You go, We go"

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    ladysmokeater Guest

    Red face

    I can imagine the guy that said that isnt a really popular dude around the dept. he works for. There is nothing worse than someone that thinks they are a hero simply because they have a job that is hard to do. No, it aint easy getting up at all hours of the night and fighting fires, working wrecks, and seeing people left homeless or dead. But I dont go aroung saying I am a hero.That is not the reason I am in the fire service, I'm there to help people, not get attention.
    I prefer the title "firefighter" to hero anyday. It says a lot more.

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    NFDMouse Guest


    I'm new to the fire service, but I can agree with you. I'm sure that the day i'm faced with a situation where I have to think quickly and act quickly and end up saving someone's life, I would not want to be put up on a pedestal. I'm doing what I love. And if someone did call me a hero, I would accept the compliment but not bask in my glory and be snotty about it. I'm doing what I love and did what I had to do.

    Newington FD Volunteer Firefighter, Student at University of New Haven studying Fire Science/Arson Investigation and Criminal Justice. Looking to get on Boston, Hartford, FDNY as a firefighter then eventually an investigator.

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    alaskafireman Guest


    Hi all....I feel I totally agree. On March 30th, we had a structure fire and the ceiling of the garage collapsed on myself and my fire chief. my chief was knocked unconscious and I was knocked back but ok. I issued a firefighter down call and pulled him out by myself as the "cavalry" came to assist. I have been called a hero from my coworkers at the police dept (i am a 911 dispatcher) and the public and it bothers me a bit. I feel that I was doing my job. We are all firefighters and that is a more noble title than hero to me.

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    FSRIZZIO Guest


    People that prop themselves up too far might not realize that when they trip up, they'll have twice as far to fall and hit that much harder.

    Be Safe, Frank

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    Sirene Guest

    Thumbs down

    We are all, paid and volunteer, in this profession to help people. Anyone who comes into this profession to be a hero or thinks something he or she does makes them a hero needs to re-evaluate their purpose for doing this job.
    When one rescues or saves a life their are countless others who also had a big part to play in the rescue. These individuals might not have even been inside the structure, but with out them and the jobs that they did the outcome could have been very different.
    It is a team effort.
    If one thinks he is more important than the whole team, he is wrong.
    The old saying holds true. "There is no "I" in TEAM.
    Darren (Sirene) Reeves

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    SmokeEater31 Guest


    If you have ever read any of my other postings in Firefighting Forum regarding the "H" word, my perspective is clear.

    I TOTALLY agree with you buddy. It ******es me off when I hear of any of us referring to ourselves as "H"s. Ithas gotten to the point that I avoid posts that contain any referrence to that.

    We all do what w do because of our love for it. When we hit the point that we do not love the service anymore, it is time to get out.

    I honestly HOPE that if I become a LODD that the "H" word is NEVER mentioned in connetion with me. It is demeaning to me, because the civilian population that we serve have NO idea what is involved with what we do, so the title of "hero" is mute. We honor one another in our actions and our feelings regarding our brothers and sisters.
    I do what I do because I have been given the talent to do it, and the desire, and the good fortune. I am just grateful to be involved.

    Just my .02

    Your Brother In The Service,
    Rob Herpel
    Vice-Pres./Asst. EMS Coordinator
    Fremont Rural Fire Department

    [This message has been edited by SmokeEater31 (edited 04-10-2001).]

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    Michelle Latham Guest


    Hi guys! I thought I was some sort of weirdo because I love being a firefighter simply because I love people and I want to help them and all that "mushy" sounding stuff. To me, firefighting is a calling! After I read all of your posts I felt much better! I became a firefighter and an EMT because of my absolute love of my fellow man. I'm "following the call", ya know? Besides, I spend 95% of my time on a call being scared out of my wits! Hardly hero material if you ask me. But there are a lot of heroes out there in the fire service! I agree that we aren't supposed to go and call ourselves heroes. That's a bit on the inflated ego side. I would have been annoyed if I heard one of my firefighters say the same thing. Ugh!
    Well, that's my opinion. Bye!

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    Chiefkeo Guest

    Red face

    I'd say that guy who said he was a hero is one I'd keep an eye on. Thinking like that and doing the job for glory is gong to get him and maybe somebody else hurt. Real heroes keep it to themselves

    I shall fear no evil, for I am a Firefighter

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    ThickSmoke3 Guest


    Hello Buddy, I don't think I would want to go into a burning house with this guy. He would be the type who would leave you behind and then come back to find you and say you where confussed and lost inside of the house. As for a hero: that is just a sandwich. It's the job that must be done fast and safely with no injuries to public and firefighter. This guy is a glory hound.

    The Few, The Proud, The Insane.
    Firefighting in America: What a life.

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    Fire Eater 07 Guest


    he sounds like a real hotshot. Would he happen to be a rookie or maybe 2nd year? The ones that usually get the rest of us hurt or worse and leave our wives and kids fatherless, are the hotshots who will do anything to get on the sorry he is on your shift brother

    Engine / Squad Co.# 7

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    Jones928 Guest




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    Jones928 Guest

    Thumbs down

    Question? Would you say the same about a firefighter that lost his life. Lets loose the double standard. This firefighter may be a hero to some. I agree that this is our job. I agree that this particular firefighter has a bad attitude. It is our job also to assist this firefighter in seeing the error of his ways, not to degrade him.

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    Fire Eater 07 Guest


    I have no double standard! If a FF dies...yes it is very tragic,and my prayers go out to the family and friends...but if he dies while doing something stupid just trying to be more than he is...then it becomes all of our problems!!!
    stay safe

    Originally posted by Jones928:
    Question? Would you say the same about a firefighter that lost his life. Lets loose the double standard. This firefighter may be a hero to some. I agree that this is our job. I agree that this particular firefighter has a bad attitude. It is our job also to assist this firefighter in seeing the error of his ways, not to degrade him.

    Engine / Squad Co.# 7

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    lang Guest


    This guy is on one hell of an ego trip. Hopefully he'll get back to earth without injuring himself or others.

    Greetings from South Africa

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    mjohn6621 Guest


    I'm not a hero, just a guy who is lucky enough to do something I've wanted to do since I was five years old.

    This message brought to you by the makers of "Sludge", the breakfast food that makes you wish it was lunchtime.

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