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    Post help me write a notice, please!

    I'm in charge of getting an EMT for a horse show in August. Someone will post notices for me on station bulletin boards, but I need help from you folks in making sure I get right message across in the most effective way.

    Here are the details. Can you folks suggest the right headline and the best order of detail? Thanks.

    Need an EMT for a 1-day horseshow.
    Compensation: $175, lunch and snacks & beverages throughout the day.
    Duties: be in the immediate area to help in case of emergency. Otherwise, you can sit in the sun or the shade, read a book, socialize, relax.
    The venue is about a 20 minute drive from my town ... the date is fixed ...

    How should I word this? Thanks so much for your help, folks.

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    Thumbs up

    I think what you just said would be perfect.

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    Ditto, you would hook me (If I was in to Horses) (No offence to the horse world)

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    Ditto, you'd hook me. (If I was into horses - No offence to the horse world)

    Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    Thanks folks, for your help. I'll post the ad just as written.

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    Just my $.02. Please make sure that who ever it may be that takes on this job has some kind of knowledge, familiarity with horses. They (horses) can get just as excite as we can when something goes wrong. Make sure they know how to work around them so, they do not get hurt.



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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    Where do I apply? COnvient that I am moving out to Marysville this month huh?

    Good job, no worries there.

    Your Brother In The Service,
    Rob Herpel
    Vice-Pres./Asst. EMS Coordinator
    Fremont Rural Fire Department

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