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    I am writing to all you firemen out their. My son Bradlee, has an unknown genetic disease. He is 4 yrs old and loves firemen and everything to do with firemen's daily life. To our amazement our Local Firemen suprised our son with a his own offical firemens outfit, they have somewhat adopted him and have been our special heros.You can see a picture of Bradlee and his buddies on his website along with his story and more about bradlee's disease. Which can be seen on his website at;
    He is our miracle boy. He survived a slim odds of living in 1997, continues today to touch everyones life he comes in contact with. We travel alot to several hospitals and clinic. Bradlee's firemen things are his security, he takes them every where he goes, which is causing us to have alot of luggage. A special lady has offered to make a special quilt for bradlee and that were all you guys come in. I am needing actual fire emblem patches from as many fire stations, search and rescue departments, and EMS departments that we can. She is going to sew each emblem on a square and make a quilt for bradlee to take with him everytime we travel. This will be less luggage but he will still have his security blanket as you would call it. If anyone would like to help please mail them to P.O. Box 3362 Urbana, IL 61803 in care of Bradlee T.
    Thank you & God bless
    Bradlee's mom

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    engine10_iaff12 Guest


    I sent a copy of this thread to our patch trader....Good Luck with your boy!!!

    G.B. Yoho (member)
    IAFF Local #12
    Wheeling Firefighters
    Wheeling, WV.
    Be Alert and Be Safe!!!!

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