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    Post Hey guys, new here

    Hey all, I'm a volunteer firefighter in Newington CT and a full-time student at the University of New Haven. I am enrolled in their Fire Science/Arson Investigation program and will be graduating in 2003. I'm looking to pursue a career as a firefighter-EMT in a city such as Hartford, Boston, or New York. After my 20 years, I may get into fire investigation as a fire marshal for the CT State Police or in the private sector.

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    Wow, sounds like you have your future planned. I would like to do fire investigation sometime, but I want to go into structural firefighting first. Anyway, welcome to the team, you can't help learning something from someone. Have a great time.

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    NFD Mouse,
    Sounds like a good plan. They've got a great program at UNH. I'm on the job in Waterbury. Our former fire chief runs the show down there. Good Luck

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    Hi Mouse,

    I am currently a student at the community college in my hometown. It is one of the best community colleges in the state of New Mexico and the U.S.A. but it does not have any Arson Investigation studies. I am finishing my last semester at the community college and transfer to the University of New Mexico in the fall of 2001.
    I am also going into the field of arson investigation, hopefully with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF). It is really neat to find that another person knows about the job. I am hoping to do some firefighting after graduation for the experiences. I've always been interested in firefighting and fire sciences. I grew up around it.
    I get a lot of blank looks from people my age when I tell them which career I have picked. It is a very unique profession.
    Good luck with your studies!


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    I would like to take this time to welcome you from Maryland. Its great to see you here, I hope you find the forums as overwhelming with information that I have. This place is by far the place to be. Good luck with all you endeavors and stay focused no matter what. You will get what you want someday.



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    welcome to the forums mouse! great to see new faces here.everyone is realy friendly and helpfull. hope to hear from you in the fire fighters forums. fire boy 038 is on the scene.later

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