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    alaskafireman Guest

    Post New here

    Hi all.....just joined. looks like a good place to hang out.

    I am Sean and I am a paid 911 dispatcher for fire/police/ems and a volunteer fire captain/emt.

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    Philip C Guest


    Glad to hear from you. You'll find this place just like the firehouse- we moan and groan, debate, share ideas and info, argue and brag- what a place. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    Sirene Guest


    Welcome Aboard!!!
    You will find a lot of useful and different information here. Have a question or concern, don't be shy. Throw it on the table and you will hear quite a response.

    I would like to hear your side of the dispatch process, since you also see the fire department side of the equation.

    Darren (Sirene) Reeves
    Peoria IL Fire Dept
    Engineer E-3
    IAFF Local #50

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Glad to see another Alaskan here.

    North Star VFD
    North Pole, AK

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    R1SmokeEater Guest


    Test. Updated name 123456

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    Grumman41 Guest


    Welcome, from another Alaskan also.

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    ThickSmoke3 Guest


    Welcome, you won't believe some of the things you can learn here. Just ask and you will get an answer. It might be 15 different answers to your question,but everyone here is always willing to help.

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    alaskafireman Guest


    Thanks all......

    Sirene, I find it to be a huge assett in being a firefighter in Dispatch. There are only 2 of the 6 total dispatchers here that are wife is the other

    The other dispatchers mean well, but they dont know, or understand what really goes on at a scene.

    I also dispatch for my fire dept and still cry moan and fidgit when i have to tone them out for a call and cant play.

    Stay safe out there


    Capt Seward Fire

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    Skidz Guest



    I would like to take this time to welcome you from Maryland. Its great to see you here, I hope you find the forums as overwhelming with information that I have. This place is by far the place to be.



    Member IAFF Local 1664

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