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    Talking New to board and a question for all.

    To all,

    I am new to the site and I am on "information overload". This is a great site. I will post a question here since I do not know yet where else to post it.

    Does anyone work for a department that uses cross-trained personnel? Cross-trained meaning fully-certified in police, fire and paramedic services. If so, how's it working out for you?


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    We've got a guy that walked in the station a few years back, wanted to be a fireman, OK. then he got EMT trained, great. Then he became a county coroner, whatever floats your boat. Now he's a policeman for our town on top of all of it. He carries concealed weapons to training drills, and sometimes gets a real Cop type attitude (never on the fireground). All this from a guy some months back that had WAY too many lights and gadgets on his POV... makes me nervous.

    Be Safe, Frank

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    Ones I know about....DFW Airport, Southlake, University Park.....

    Seems to work ok here....

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    Yes, I am actually undergoing a BI with DFW. How do the shifts work. I know you do 12 hour shifts, but how many days on and off. I am also looking at Highland Park as an option, but I will be better suited when I get out of the Fire Academy.


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