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    Question NYC Summer: Any suggestions?

    This country vollie mouse has just learned that she'll be in Manhattan most of the summer on business. Suggestions, warnings, sights/stations to see?

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    I can give you a couple hints:

    Yankee Stadium is always a fun couple of hours. Spend the money and get good seats.

    There are plenty of fantastic shows in the theater district around broadway. "The Music Man" was fabulous, and next week I'm going to see "One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest" and if your really country, Reba McIntyre is staring in "Annie Get your Gun".

    Other then that you have a lot in Times Square that is nice now that Rudy has cleaned it up. Other than that go see some of things others talk about, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc.

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    Visit Long Island -- a Jones Beach Concert is always fun, though you can't get there by train...You can get to some other places by train, however. Port Jefferson (the end of one of the lines) is a nice way to spend the day if it's sunny -- we throw a decent 4th of July Parade as well (free beer and hot dogs afterward).

    There's also the ocean on the south shore and the Hamptons (need a car and patience for the East End however).

    If you will have transportation, you should check out the Brookhaven Town Volunteer Firefighter's Museum in Ridge (Suffolk County). They're celebrating their 10th anniversary on June 16th and it should be a grand affair -- antique car show, craft fair, Grucci fireworks, Junior Drill Team Tournament, food, etc...

    And I have to agree with Yankee Stadium -- it's great and do pay for the better seats, you'll be glad you did.

    Good luck!

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    Go to the FDNY museum in Manhattan (sorry, can't remember the address) and stop by as many houses as you can...all the guys are great.

    Glenn Ralston

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    Museums are cool places to go to avoid that nasty NYC summer heat, and there is no shortage of museums in the Big Apple!

    Try the Museum of Natural History and the Hayden Planeterium on 79th by Central Park. Two great places right next door to each other.

    There is the awesome South Street Seaport Museum (by South, Fulton, & Pearl Sts) with old sailing ships, cafes, and shops - great place! So is the USS Intrepid Sea and Space Museum.

    The Cathederal of St. John the Divine (110th & Amsterdam) is a nice place to visit. They started building it in the 1890s, still not done! NYC is full of old churches and houses of worship; but NO trip to NYC is complete without a visit to St. Patricks!

    155th and Broadway is home for the Museum of the American Indian - time well spent.

    You'll have to go to the Observation Decks at the Trade Center and Empire State Buildings - I hope the sky is not hazy when you go.

    Chinatown! Don't miss it!

    The United Nations - what a nice tour.

    Greenwich Village; if you're into art, and the Bohemian style it's for you.

    There are plenty of things to do at night. This IS a city that never sleeps! It's full of clubs and places to party and the best resturants are here.

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    Take the Circle Line Cruise around Manhattan.

    Take the 7 Train to Shea if you want good baseball.

    Yes, Chinatown - but put Little Italy on the list too.

    Wear comfortable shoes, dress right - NYC summers can be nasty, get the free subway and bus maps, use Metro Pass swipe cards for fares, order your theater tickets now, and bring lots of money.

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    Referring to the previous post -- I'd bring more Traveler's Cheques than actual cash.

    Also, I forgot to mention the Statue of Liberty.....She's really nice.

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    Originally posted by wrongWAY:
    Museums are cool places to go to avoid that nasty NYC summer heat, and there is no shortage of museums in the Big Apple!

    Damn right! To hell with Disneyland, give me the Smithsoninan! The Forhan Family Curse: spending to much time in the museum, no enough in the sun.

    Althea Forhan
    "Don't blame me
    I voted for Gore"

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    Philip C
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    There are two stations that immediately come to mind to visit. One is in Manhattan, the other is in the Bronx. The Fire Factory houses Engine 58 and Ladder 26 and is in Harlem on 1367 5TH Ave., a few blocks north of Central Park. They keep a very neat house with a lot of cool details throughout and the crew I met was very friendly. They also sell shirts and patches. The other house to see is in the Bronx on 1215 Intervale Ave. which is home to Engine 82 and Ladder 31. It is fascinating to see how they cram the tower ladder in its berth!

    Both stations are the subjects in two well known fire service books, "The Fire Factory" by Harry Ahearn and "Report From Engine Company 82" by Dennis Smith. If you haven't read either I recommend it, especially before visiting these two houses. Also check out www.nyfd.com for more info. Hope things go well for you. Take care and be safe.

    Phil Clinard
    Laurel VFD
    Prince George's Co Sta 10
    Laurel, MD

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    It's been a long time since I went, but I think the FDNY Museum is at 278 Spring Street (an 'E Train' stop) in SoHo (SoHo means South of Houston but it's pronounced How-ston here) and $4 got me in.

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    Well youve gotten some real good suggestions here, all I can add is you might want to check out the FDNY tour...Ive never been on it but it sounds like fun, ill post their website later on I have it on my other computer...have fun in NY!!!

    the website is http://www.newyorkfire.com

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