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    Alan Dodson
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    Post Extrication- you make the call.....

    The scenario was given on an overturned SUV and powerlines were involved, no electricity in house surrounding the accident scene.

    My question is this, I chose to contact the power company, with emergency personnel standing by, the answer was to do a 360 degree search for people. Would we not be concerned about the possibility of a hot powerline...... just curious.


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    NO matter what kind of line it is, You should NEVER go near it! You made the right call and waited for power company. You never know if the power line is hot or not, TV Cable and Phone Cable look alike too.

    Good Call on your part

    Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    Fire Eater 07
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    Yes, definitely do not get near the line! How did you receive the info that there was no power? wait for the power company. The 360....is a good idea for ejected victims, once the area has been deamed cold.

    ps...feel the tingling in your boots?,...move back:-)

    Engine / Squad Co.# 7

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    I didn't go to the training scenario, but I did look at the first picture, and what was written. And I think they said it was on a guide wire.
    We all know the first thing to do is make sure the scene is safe, which is walking around the vehicle to see if there is any hazards or victims that could have been ejected, look up look down all around.
    They say it was a guide wire which means it is holding the pole in place and is not energized unless a wire is touching it or something is conducting the current to it. If you could see via flashlight, spotlight if a line fell off its insulator or is hanging or broken or the pole is broke off or split, then I would say call the power company immediately and then start the survey from a distants.
    Knowing your wires is great training and you can usually get the power company to give a class on them, and the dues and dont's surrounding electricity.
    So in this case I would say they were right. Cause the first thing your doing when you pull up is looking right...size up. sorry
    my 2cents

    Jon Burns
    Central Mat-Su FD
    Wasilla Alaska

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