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    Engine 101
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    Post Fire Service Day

    Anyone here heard of Fire Service Day?, What is Fire Service day you ask? Well it's the Saturday beofre mother's day this year 05-12-01 that local area residents can come out and visit with there area Firefighters, Here in my town all the rigs we use are on display we do demonstrations and from 7AM till 11AM we have a Pancake breakfast the tickets cost $4.00 and children under 3 get in for $1.00 the even is put on by the Monrovia Firefighter's Association Local 2415 and proceeds go towards local charity's, It's a fun day for not only the firefighter's but everyone else

    So I'm curious does any else have Fire Service Day in there area?

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    Hi Engine 101!

    How long have you been celebrating Fire Service Day? It's a great idea and one I'm trying to get different countries to link in with International Firefighters' Day (IFFD) on the 4th of May.

    I'd be great if people all over the world recognise the work firefighters do by:
    • wearing blue and red ribbons to show their support for what we doon the 4th of May (St Florian's Day)
    • joining the fire service in celebrating the work and dedication of current firefighters on the first Saturday in May with fire vehicle parades, open days, demonstration
    • remembering those who have gone before at memorial services on the first Sunday in May.
    The IFFD website has a section for people to put in their world links for fire service activities held around this time of year. Please send your details so we can share ideas and perhaps even help others celebrate.



    Lt JJ Edmondson
    Clyde Cardinia Fire Brigade
    Victoria, AUSTRALIA

    I walk where the fire dances

    International Firefighters' Day:

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    Well I live near E-101 nad ours is on the same day and will be held at Station 31 , Fire Service day has been going on for awhile from what I've heard is thnat's a National Reckonized day for Community's in the U.S to come out and visit with the Firefighters, It's always a great day and such fun

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    Althea Forhan
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    Hey FireBabe!

    I saw your website the other day, and I love it! I'm personaly for the May 4th date, because the Saturday before Mother's day is usually when I'm looking for something to give my mom (last year it was a boquet of wrought iron "flowers" arranged in a tin can)

    I was wondering how exaclty you'd pin the red & blue together. I was thinking that it might be easier to have them tied in sort of a double bow. But then the Guys might not wear them.


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    Well not every Fire Department holds there's on May 12, There are several other Fire Departments that will be holding there Fire Service Day the folloiwng weekend, But it's a great time there's pancakes, fire units on display demonstartions

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    Well today was a blast, It was lots of fun, We had a great turnout for Fire Service Day 01, One of our Firefighter's was also presented with the Medal of Valor during today's National Fire Service Day, The crew of Engine 101 put ona car fire demonstration for everyone in attendance there were numerous displays and Monrovia Fire Department units were on display

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