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    Lightbulb Where's the Fire Service Headed In the 21 st. Century?

    I'm currently writing a new outline for a course, and trying to get some input. Do you think it will included ie.(Ems,Rescue,First Responder)How are we going to survive as just the fire service? Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I personally think the fire service is getting into much technological jumbo, all the computers and "T. I. C.", not to say that's all bad, but we need to take a look back to lets say pre 1950, and ask, "Where was the technology then". It seams to me that back then they were more worried about putting the "Wet Stuff, on the Red Stuff". Sure they don't have the latest and greatest, but they did a heck of a job doing it. I think we need to take a hard look at Tradition and wonder if it is for the better or maybe we need the Technical stuff?!?

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    I tend to agree with the technology aspect. Some of the guys in my dept. don't have more than a high school diploma, plus many are from the older generation -- computerized engines/pump panels and the rest of the high-tech stuff can go over their heads.

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    I think we should embrace new technology, however we shouldn't let it take over our training, tradition and instinct. We also must make sure that we dont' let new technology make us sit back on our hells and say, "well the computer/monitor/cell phone/someother advanced piece of technology will do the whole job for us". We need create highly trained individuals who know how to utilize all the resources possible to get the job done. But, in the end, it pretty much boils down to "putting the wet stuff on the red stuff".

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    I would say it is how one looks at the word. Is it FIRE service only or are we or have we already moved into a new part in our history?
    Are we strictly going to fight fires and fires alone or are we going to move into what the public seems to be demanding? All that are envolved knows that we are now called to do so much more. Do we need a new name to describe what we do? Think about it FIRE FIGHTERS... Maybe we need an acronym, such as First In Responce to Emergencies.
    What are we and where are we going? Only time will tell but lets go with our heads held high our minds open to new ideals and our hearts full of pride.


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    You say you are writing an outline for a new course, what type of course are you trying to develop? It might be easier to reply if we had that information. Here in the northeast part of the country, we are starting to see the term Emergency Services. As you know, it is not all firefighting that we do. Many other emergencies fall under our guiding hands.

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