Hey Guys,

I'm a writer for Stuff, one of America's most populr men's lifestyle magazines.

Right now I'm working on a piece about firefighter, paramedic and police humor from the front line. I'm looking for stories - you know the type, the one's you tell your buddies that are bizarre, weird, strange and, above all, funny. Can anyone out there help? If you've got any, please e-mail me.

Now, I know some could be sensitive and you don't want to be ID'd. No problem. I can certainly say I will not use your name in the story. Just tell me what details in the story might ID you and I'll leave them out. For example, if saying it happened in a particular town would ID you as the 'donor' then we'll use the state itself or say East Coast, whatever. Feel free to post a story to me anonymously if you like via hotmail or a similar service, if you're that worried.

All I'd ask is you give me the year, if that's possible, and as much idea of the place, region or state where it took place as you can.

Should anyone want to check out I am who I say I am my editor at Stuff is Bret Watson.

Best Regards,

John Parrish.