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    Smile New guy checking in

    My name is Plug Ugly and this my first post. I am a firefighter in the northeast and I am interested in firefighting lore and learning all I can about the job. I'm big on tradition and I like leather helmets and red trucks. I hate whiners, complainers, and slackers. I enjoy working with anyone who gives 100% effort and I feel if you don't want to give it your all, then find another job. I look forward to learning from everyone here.

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    I wish there were more of you out there!!! Welcome to the forums. You will learn alot here. Ask a lot of questions and you will get a TON of answers.

    Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    I somehow lost my password and was unable to retrieve it to log on here so I had to re-register. I was able to just add a hyphen so I am now Plug-Ugly. Guess it will take me a while to figure all this out.

    Here is my picture so you all will know what Plug-Ugly looks like.

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    Where abouts in the Northeast are ya?

    p.s. Nice Picture

    "You go..... we go"
    8th Utilities District
    Manchester CT

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    <font color="red">OK, OK here's a little background. Plug-Ugly was conceived on the rungs of an aerial ladder and born on an engine hose bed. He was baptized with a deck gun and sprinkled with ashes. He nursed on a pressurized water can and teethed on a spanner wrench. He wore nomex diapers and a leather NYer bonnet. He grew up playing with axes, pike poles, and halligans. Today, Plug-Ugly lives hidden in the smoke and flames. Just look for him at the next fire you fight.</font>

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