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    Question Any American Boy Scout Leaders Here ?

    Hi from Papua New Guinea.
    I'm an Aussie Scout Leader (and security officer) who is currently working with the PNG Scout Association.
    This message is particularly seeking USA Scouters, but read on, you may be able to help.

    I'm planning a trip (providing our requests for sponsorship get an answer) for 15 underprivileged boy scouts to visit USA for approx 8 days in November / December.

    Like to touch base with any USA Scouters who can help with tourist info etc. Is there also a Fire Station HQ that the kids could tour (we have 1 fire station in the whole country, and it has 1 truck!)
    Thanks to all who help.

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    Wow, small world, I know a couple guys from PNG. No joke. Missionary priests that I used to work for have ther largest mission in PNG. Well, other than that, unfortunetly, I am not a scout leader, although I was at one time a scout. I unfortunetly can not offer any assistance. But good luck, I am sure someone here can help.

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    What part of the US are you planning on visting? I'm a Cub Scout Leader in Tx.


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    Can't say about the scouting program here in the states. When you get over here, and in a big city, just drop in any fire house and tell them what you want. Firefighters are a friendly bunch! They may ask you to stay for dinner and serve up some of that "good ole firehouse chilli" supper.
    Welcome to the United states and always be safe. Have fun.

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    We'll hopefully I can help you, I am a Assistant scoutmaster, and volunteer fire fighter. I am living in North Dakota, I don't think that it is a good place to visit in November December time frame, but I have a lot of friends throughout the states that I can contact for you. I don't think that you would have a problem finding a fire station and some trucks anywhere that you go.


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