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    Question History lesson needed-FF Scramble

    In our firefighter 1 class we were assigned to find out about the fire fighter emblem. The back ground is the Maltese cross and there is lots of information on that, but information on the scramble and the equipment in the scramble is very sparse.
    Can any one provide any info on the scramble?
    what equipment has been used in the scramble?
    the current one we have has a Helmet, Axe, Ladder,pike pole and Bugle. Other scrambles have other equipment. Can nay one provide a list?
    Thanks in advance.
    Frank Wimler
    Rattlesnake Fire Rescue
    When is equipment dropped?

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    In the scrambles I have looked at I have figured out the following equipment or "tools of the trade" helmet, bugle, nozzle, pike pole, pick ax, flat ax, surrounded by a rope. There is another item I have yet to figure out. It looks like a crutch with a ball on top. My guess is a pry bar or hose wrench. Does any one know what this peice of equipment is? or any history of the scramble?

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    OK gang, here is an image of the FF scramble. What do you think these tools are?

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    Plug-ugly, could you send that scramble direct to my e-mail? frank@syswiz.com I can't pull it off of your post.

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    On its way!

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    The origin of the firefighter's scramble, to the best of my recollection, is from the Dark Ages and Crusades. During a battle to overtake another castle, the defenders would pour oil down the walls of the castle and light it. The scramble is made up of the tools used by the offense to scale the walls. The warrior's scramble was made up of a ladder, rope, one or two pike poles, and the bugle, all super imposed on a shield, but it was not part of a uniform. It was used on a banner or flag to designate their particular squad. The helmet was not part of the original scramble.
    The Maltese Cross was used to identify the warriors who led the offensive up the wall. They actually wore the cross, without the scramble, as a badge. The pike pole was about 12-14' long and used a weapon from the top of the ladder, similar to a spear or lance, to drive back the defenders. The attckers also had a small shield which they used to protect themselves while climbing the ladder. The ladders could not extend to the top of the wall or the defenders could push it over, so the rope with the hooks was used to get over the top. They also carried an axe slung over the shoulder but I don't recall it's purpose. The bugle was used by the commander to signal the troops during the battle. Usually, each shire or hundred, as the villages within the castle were called, had their own distinct pitch and tone to avoid confusion during battle. Toward the end of the Crusades, some armies even had a horse-drawn pump to throw water on the wall to keep the oil from sticking.
    The cross and the scramble, with the helmet added, came together on a badge in the 1700's in England to identify firefighters.
    Later, some fire companies refused to adopt the the Maltese Cross because of the turmoil between Catholics and Protestants. These companies adopted the shield instead, just as most of the shire reeves, who were also known as "sheriffs".
    The "crutch" with the ball was actually about 10' long and used to break windows from below. I don't know the name of the tool.
    Funny how the things we use to save lives and protect the public was once used as weapons to take lives, all in the name of God.

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    The Ball on the post is,

    In the old days of the Incident Command System, the Ball on the stick designated the Command Post. This was to show all firefighters where the IC was.

    Hope that helps.

    Lieutenant / Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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    They should bring back the fire-ball thing...LOL....

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