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    Cool New to the Group

    Hello Everyone my Name is Charles Baker and I am a Firefighter/Medical First Responder from Savannah Georgia.

    Firefighter C.M. Baker

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    Hey Charles, welcome...you should be proud to be one of 16,000 people who have registered with Firehouse.com. Here you will learn that 15,995 of those people are great people with tons of knowledge and experience and that the other 5(LHS*, hazmatspill1, ...ohh, am I naming names?...woops ) need to leave, but we get by. Hope to learn from what you have to say. Welcome!

    "When the bell goes ding-ding, its time to get on the woo-woo."
    "Dusting desire - starting to learn. Walking through fire with out a burn..."
    Youngstown Fire Department

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    Hi Charles and welcome aboard. There are a lot of contacts on this site that are available if you have a problem that needs sorting. Join in and have fun.

    Kindest regards & keep safe,

    Sprinkle (UK)

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