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    Smile College Student FF/EMT's

    I just wanted to see how many college students are FF/EMTs during the year or at home...volly or full time!

    I am in NH and CT!

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    I was running actively with my fire dept when I went to community college on Long Island (even managed top 10 one of the two years), then I went on school leave while away at college in CT (did some runs with local dept's there and while home) and now I am back on school leave while I finish my Master's degree at SUNY Stony Brook. Since my dept doesn't have an ambulance, I never recert'd my EMT that I earned 6 college credits for while in CT........It's very interesting to see how others do it -- where I was in CT was so far ahead of Long Island when I was there from 94 - 97 and Maryland (where I lived while I interned in 96 and 97) was even more ahead then CT....

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    Colin S
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    I run in northern Vermont with my school's Fire and Rescue Department. Rescue does about 2,000 calls a year in the surrounding communities. While fire goes on about 500. There are about 2 dozen of us that stay at school through the summer.

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    I ran with a small (vollie size) district before I went to the community college in town. I am still with them and with the classes that I attended I am now an Officer. The vollie scene is great to start off with than advancing to a higher calling...

    Lieutenant / Training Officer
    Olney - Walluski Fire District # 35 (Oregon)

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