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    Default What is your motivation?

    I am looking for all of your input on motivations in life. Please write your thoughts on how you get motivated or how you have trouble getting motivated when it comes to work, dieting, fitness, etc. Any of your thoughts on motivation and Goal Setting, both successes and problems encountered would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    I enjoy my day job and it's challenges so thats easy, As a PT FF and Officer this helps me to maintain diet and fitness levels. The fact that I want to come home after every call and make sure my crews do, also helps motivate me. I also have some pics around the house of some very nasty fire scenes. Next to my bed, In my garage, Billiard Room and Weight room at home. I also have some LODD headlines posted in the weight room in case I get lazy and want to cut short a work out. It reminds me of my duties to my family and the Families of my Crews. Every day I promise to myself that my guys are going home after the call, come hell or high water. Being fit then also helps me with the every day dealings of life. If I have a bad stress day I take it out on the weight bench.

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    I am not as motivated as I used to be -- time used to motivate me. Nine or so years ago I was a full-time student working very part-time so I had plenty of time to go to the gym and to hang out at the firehouse. Now I am a part-time grad student working a full-time and part-time job, so I don't have too much time left for the gym or the firehouse for that matter. (Though I manage plenty of TV time...) My desire to get off Long Island is my biggest motivator at the present time. I am hoping my MA will take me to Washington DC and that the money I save by working so hard now will allow me to move and then look for a job once I have settled.

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