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    Default New Member & a question - Spartan

    Hi everyone,

    Im not new to FireHouse but I am new to the Forms.

    I have a question about Spartan Chassis. At the present time our department is in the market to purchase another pumper on a custom chassis. One bid that came in was with a Spartan Advantage Chassis.

    Please post your comments and concerns about Spartan Chassis. Anything, what you like and don't like about them, what problems you have had, any concerns with Warranties and Service and would you recommend a Spartan.

    Take Care All,

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    We have four (4) Spartan's in our department. Two with A/C two without.

    We like them and would recommend them.

    The only problem we ahve had was with the A/C blowing water in the cab. Turned out the drain line wasn't large enough to do the job. Got it fixed and no problems.

    The oldest one is a 1990 and the newest is a 1998.

    Good luck on your new truck and if you do get the Spartan I hope you will be happy with it.

    Stay low - Be cool

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