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    Hi Everyone

    I am the new training officer of our department. If anyone has any ideas on training please forward them
    les frost

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    You need ideas for training? DOH do you have access to a burn tower? junk yard? does your dept. pull meters at fires?- have the power company give a class on you drop portable hydrants at fires?- always can drill on laying that with your LDH to your trimese to your truck....there are so many things to drill on....weeeeee good luck
    stay safe
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    As a new training officer think about things you wanted to learn about and then come up with classes on them. Additionally, poll the personnel on what they want and need????? Then see if any of them have a specialty that they would like to help teach. If you get people involved, the more success you will have. The IFSTA Essentials manual is an excellent base for you to start from. Start with the basics and work up. Contact your local gear manufactures. Have them give you a class in NFPA 1971 and NFPA 1851. Big impact on Fire Departments, volunteer or career. Contact Mr. Evans at or and express an interest in learning about cleaning and maintenance of protective clothing. He will offer training when he is in the area. SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY.....start there......

    hope this helps.....EMAIL me if you like.
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    The biggest tip I could give is remember that as training officer it is your job to make sure that training happens - you should find that you don't do a lot of training yourself because delegation is the key to avoiding burning your self out. Tell the more experienced members that 'Bob' you are taking training in three weeks time on forcible entry, 'George' you are the next week on fireground hydraulics, etc. Then follow up and make sure the week before they instruct that they are prepared and know their topic properly.
    The other tip as for what to teach is to have your officers sit down and do a needs survey - the officers feel that we currently have enough SCBA wearers, but we need more HazMat training etc - let that be your guide as to what to teach.

    Hope this helps, and feel free to email me if you want.
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